Quality Development & Supervision

Department of Quality Development and Supervision (FQA) / Home Supervision

for care and disability facilities in Rosenheim.

The city of Rosenheim is responsible for the implementation of the law regulating the quality of care, support and housing in old age and disability (Care and Housing Quality Act - PfleWoqG). The office responsible for the implementation of the PfleWoqG is called "Fachbereich Qualitätsentwicklung und Aufsicht" (FQA). The FQA sees itself as a partner of people who live in retirement and nursing homes, in outpatient assisted living communities or homes for disabled adults. This applies equally to their relatives and caregivers. Particular attention is also paid to advising residents' representatives in homes and outpatient residential communities. A large part of the FQA's work is devoted to providing advice. Citizens, in particular residents, relatives as well as facility operators and their employees, are given comprehensive advice on all issues relating to home law.

The second important pillar is the monitoring of homes and outpatient assisted living communities. Routine inspections are carried out unannounced at least once a year. During these inspections, the FQA checks compliance with the legal framework and monitors the elimination of grievances and deficiencies.

  • Function Name Phone +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-
    Head of department Mr. Klupp 1552
    Processing FQA Mrs. Obermaier Mrs. Hagner 1509 1559