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Hunting license


  • Reliability
  • passed German hunter examination
  • Hunting liability insurance

Please bring along:

  • hunting license (if already available)
  • in case of first application the examination certificate
  • passport photo
  • identity card/passport
  • confirmation of hunting liability insurance
  • completed and signed application form for hunting license

When the hunting license is issued for the first time, the applicant must appear in person.

  • If the requirements are met, the hunting license is issued by the authority responsible for the main place of residence; for residents of the Rosenheim municipal area, this is the Rosenheim Municipality, Office for Security and Order.

    The hunting license entitles the holder to hunt in Germany and to purchase hunting long weapons. In addition to the hunting license, the consent of the respective hunting ground owner is required for the practice of hunting. Foreign hunting licenses do not entitle the holder to hunt in Germany or to purchase weapons.

    The reliability in terms of hunting law is checked by the authority responsible for issuing the hunting license before it is issued. Hunting liability insurance is offered by all major insurance companies to the extent required by law and must be proven by the applicant when applying for the hunting license. It must be confirmed by the insurer for the period of validity of the hunting license.