Advance maintenance payment

There is an entitlement to advance maintenance payments if the child

  • has not yet reached the age of 18,
  • lives in Germany with one of his or her parents who is single, widowed or divorced, or who lives permanently separated from his or her spouse/life partner,
  • does not or not regularly receive maintenance from the other parent;
  • between the ages of 12 and 17 either does not receive SGB II benefits or
  • the need for assistance can be avoided by the advance maintenance payments, or
  • the single parent has an income of at least 600 EUR gross.
  • Letter Name Extension
    A - Alb, R, T Mr. Grill -15 34
    Alc, F, S Mrs. Hüttinger -14 62
    G - Ka, U - Z Mrs. Huber -14 83
    Kb - P NN -15 33