Financial support

It is possible to apply to the Office for Children, Youths and Families to have the daycare center fees paid or for financial support.

In addition, benefits for education and participation in social and cultural life can be applied for.

Takeover of day care center fees

You are welcome to send us your applications by mail or fax. A personal visit is not mandatory. We will contact you if we have any queries.

The costs of day care for children (crèche, kindergarten, day nursery and day care) can be covered in full or in part, provided the eligibility criteria are met. The amount of the reimbursement depends on the eligible income. Proof of income must be submitted in order to verify that costs are covered. For further information, please refer to the relevant information sheet on the application.

The Office for Schools, Childcare and Sports can provide you with further information on all other questions relating to daycare.

  • Function Name Extension
    Kita contribution transfer, A - M Mr. Lax -83 54
    Kita contribution transfer, N - Z Mrs. Kuznik -83 39