Child support

The child has a monthly maintenance claim against the parents pursuant to Section 1606 (1) of the German Civil Code. The amount of maintenance is measured according to the personal and economic circumstances of the parent obliged to pay maintenance and is calculated according to the guidelines on maintenance law of the family senates in southern Germany (SüdL) and the Düsseldorf table. The obligation to pay maintenance should be recorded in documentary form. If the maintenance is not voluntarily acknowledged in the required amount, the maintenance must be enforced in court.

With an enforceable maintenance order, the maintenance can be garnished if the parent obliged to pay maintenance refuses to pay without reason.

For the assertion of maintenance claims, it is possible to apply for a guardianship at the Office for Children, Youths and Families. The calculation of maintenance claims can also take place within the framework of a maintenance consultation.

More information on the counseling service for young adults can be found in the information sheet.

Notarizations and assistance facilities are only possible by prior appointment!

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