Youth welfare in criminal proceedings

Youth assistance in criminal proceedings is an offer to young people between 14 and 21 years of age from the city area of Rosenheim, against whom criminal proceedings have been or will be initiated. Youth assistance in criminal proceedings is independent of the police, the public prosecutor's office and the juvenile court judge. The Juvenile Court Act is about education and help for young people and adolescents, not about punishment.

We therefore advise young people and adolescents even before a possible trial and, if necessary, accompany them to court. We are also there for those young people and adolescents who have been ordered by the court to do community service. We arrange for agencies that offer community service. In addition, we advise on all questions concerning the completion of community service and questions about avoiding arrest.

  • Function Name Extension
    North Region Ms. Ufermann 1478
    East Region Mrs. Bürstlinger 1528
    Region West Mrs. Mayer 1542

    Anyone who has been ordered by the court to perform community service, please contact:

    Name Extension
    Mrs. Hemberger 1541
    Mr. Schober 1464