General information for bereaved families & funeral directors

Coroner's inquest, death certificate

If death occurs on private premises, a physician practicing in Rosenheim is to be commissioned immediately to conduct the post-mortem examination. The doctor will then issue a death certificate. If the death occurs in a hospital or other institution, the respective institution will take care of the post-mortem examination and the issuing of the death certificate.

A funeral home must be commissioned to take care of the body and, if desired, also handle the other formalities (e.g. notification of death, pension matters, health insurance, etc.).

Time of death

The time of death must be clearly entered in the death register. If the exact time of death is not known, a period of death or, under certain conditions, an approximate time must be entered. In this connection, the person required to notify must regularly determine when the deceased person was last seen alive and at what time he or she was found dead. The person required to notify must provide this information in the death notification to the best of his or her knowledge and belief and bears sole responsibility for this.

Certification basis

Original documents must always be submitted for the certification of a death. Procurement of the documents is the sole responsibility of the person required to notify. If a funeral home has been commissioned, the obligation to submit documents is incumbent upon it. Please understand that requests for documents by the registry office are generally not possible for personnel and cost reasons.

Please note that deaths can only be recorded if the registry office has all the original documents in its possession. Otherwise, the certification will be postponed. Upon request, a corresponding certificate for the burial can be issued.

Every foreign-language document always requires a translation by a translator who is publicly appointed and sworn in Germany. The same applies to judgments/resolutions in foreign languages.