Muslim burial ground

In order to meet the religious requirements of Islam for the design and orientation of burial places within the framework of existing legislation, the cemetery administration created an area at the end of 2010 in a grave field in the northeastern part of the municipal cemetery at the Capuchin monastery specially designed for burials according to the Muslim rite.

There, the graves face Mecca and are still "virgin" because they have never been occupied. The graves are only available for burials to Rosenheim citizens of the Muslim faith.

In the mortuary of the cemetery at the Capuchin monastery, a room has been created for ritual ablutions. In addition, farewell rooms are also available for Muslims. By providing these facilities, care for the deceased of the Muslim faith in the city area is now comprehensive.

The Muslim burial ground is located in field no. 69. You can see the location in the cemetery map of the Rosenheim municipal cemetery.