Notification of death

If a person has died in the city of Rosenheim, the death is recorded at the registry office in Rosenheim. The death must be reported to the registry office no later than the third working day following the death.

The notification of a death in the hospital or in old people's or nursing homes is made by the responsible body of the respective institution. The person who lived with the deceased person in the same household is obliged to report a death in an apartment. As soon as a funeral home has been commissioned, it will take care of the notification formalities in cooperation with the surviving relatives.

    • Last identification document of the deceased person
    • extended confirmation of registration (available from the residents' registration office)
    • if applicable, certificate of naturalization, refugee ID or similar documents

    additionally for

    • unmarried deceased: certified copy of the birth book/register - alternatively birth certificate
    • married deceased: certified copy from the marriage register (alternatively marriage certificate)
    • divorced or widowed deceased: certified copy from the marriage register with note of dissolution of marriage - alternatively marriage certificate and proof of dissolution of marriage (usually final divorce decree or death certificate).

    For the transfer of a corpse for burial or cremation abroad, an international passport is required. The registry office will provide the necessary information on request.

  • The certification of a death is generally free of charge.

    Within the scope of the death certification, you will continue to receive two death certificates free of charge for submission to the social security authorities.

    The issuance of each additional certificate is subject to a fee (€12.00 per certificate). The same applies to the issuance of an international mortuary passport (€30.00).