Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Climate change is already having an impact today. Therefore, appropriate adaptation measures must be taken. The basis for this is the development of a climate change adaptation strategy. This brings together all the areas of responsibility that are relevant to Rosenheim in connection with adaptation to climate change.

Based on an analysis and evaluation of the initial situation, adaptation measures are identified, implementation strategies are developed and initial projects are concretely planned. The intensive participation of politics, administration, economy and multipliers should create good conditions for the later realization.

With the presentation of a corresponding concept at the end of 2022, the central elements of a climate change adaptation strategy for Rosenheim will be presented to the city council for decision-making.

The development of the climate change adaptation concept is supported by funds of the Free State of Bavaria within the environmental funding priority "Climate Protection in Municipalities" in the Climate Protection Program Bavaria 2050 (KommKlimaFöR).