Soil protection

The purpose of the soil protection regulations is to sustainably safeguard or restore the functions of the soil. To this end, harmful soil changes must be averted, the soil and contaminated sites as well as water pollution caused by them must be remediated and precautions must be taken against adverse effects on the soil.

As the lower soil protection authority, the City of Rosenheim is responsible for the implementation of soil protection procedures and the monitoring of the relevant regulations, unless other authorities are exceptionally responsible.

Information from the register of contaminated sites

Information from the register of contaminated sites for individual properties can be requested from the City of Rosenheim.

You can obtain information via the application for information on contaminated sites/suspected contaminated sites. If you are not the owner of the property, you also need a power of attorney.

The information is subject to a fee. As a rule, the fee is set at 100 EUR (depending on the individual case).

  • Information on data protection in soil conservation procedures can be found here.