Family and career

Modern family policy is characterized by family-friendly working conditions. Many couples would like to share the tasks between work and family in a spirit of partnership. To this end, family-friendly employers, regulated childcare and financial security are particularly important.

  • How can these wishes succeed?
  • How do couples share family and work responsibilities after the birth of their children?
  • What are the reasons for these decisions?
  • What factors favor a partnership-based division of tasks?

These are questions and decisions that are particularly important for women and can influence their lives in the long term. Yet most women in the family still devote their unpaid labor to household chores, care and education. This creates gaps in provision for retirement at the latest. With courage and commitment, new life models can be found that fit the desired goals.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a future-oriented personnel and organizational development without gender equality work. One of the goals of the Rosenheim city administration is a life-phase-oriented personnel policy with flexible working time models and good childcare.