International Women's Day

The action alliance "International Women's Day Rosenheim" has been active since 1994. Currently, almost 30 groups contribute to the success of International Women's Day on March 8.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, annual campaigns have been launched:

  • 2022 Exhibition "Everything under one hat!? " The traveling exhibition "Everything under one hat!?" was shown in the foyer of the Technical University.
  • 2021 Dice action
  • 2020 "Ned blöd für a Frau " 2020 focused on the fact that women earn on average 21% less than men and work on average 4.3 hrs more per day in the household than men. Almost always, it is women who organize everyday family life. In the company, this means project manager. The Action Alliance International Women's Day of the city of Rosenheim put together a diverse program to counteract this.

Exhibition "Everything under one hat!?" 2022: