Woman and leadership

Women are still rare in top management. Many manage to get started, but only a few make it to the top of the company. Why is that? If you ask women and men in management positions, they have the attitude that equal participation of women in management positions is economically necessary for the present and future of companies. However, they very much doubt that the goal of "more women in management positions" will succeed on its own.

Differentiated ways are needed to increase the proportion of women in management positions:

  • supportive measures on the part of policymakers and the companies themselves, as well as a change in social awareness and roles.
  • Equally important is the development of a new corporate culture and a change in society's awareness that women in management positions are a matter of course.

How can we achieve the goal of "more women in management positions"?

E.g. through various measures that are congruent and interlinked with each other:

  • in-house mentoring programs
  • the inclusion of gender equality aspects in business policy
  • modern personnel management that takes into account the different potentials and needs of women and men in management positions and encourages suitable women to make career leaps

Goal of the Rosenheim city administration:

More diversity in the management ranks.

"Our aspiration is for our city hall to be a modern, forward-looking employer, with equal opportunities for women and men." (Mayor Andreas März.)