Official certification

You can have certifications made at the following offices of the City of Rosenheim:

  • Ordnungsamt, Königstr. 15 (Please make an appointment by phone or e-mail.)
  • Bürgeramt, Königstr. 15 (Please make an appointment only. Click here to make an appointment online.)
  • Vehicle Registration Office, Westerndorfer Str. 88, ground floor (Please make an appointment only. Click here to make an appointment online.)
  • The following can be certified:

    1. copies and photocopies
    2. Signatures and hand signs

    Copies and photocopies of documents are certified if

    • the original was issued by a German authority or
    • the copy is required for presentation to a German authority.

    Documents in a foreign language are only certified if a translation into German by a court-certified interpreter is submitted at the same time. Notarizations in or for the private sector (e.g. living wills) are carried out by notaries!

  • Signatures or hand signs are certified if the signed document is required for submission to a German authority or other body to which the signed document is to be submitted on the basis of a legal provision.

    In the case of any other body, a corresponding request from this body should be made.

    Signatures and hand signs are only certified if

    • the signature or the hand sign has been executed in the presence of the certifying official, and
    • the identity of the signatory has been proven (passport, identity card, German driver's license or military service passport).
  • for signatures and hand signs 8.00 EUR
    for copies/photocopies in German language 5,00 EUR
    for copies/photocopies in foreign language 10,00 EUR

    Reduction for multiple certification of a document for the 2nd and each additional certification

    50 %
    Copying fee per page 0,50 EUR
  • Documents shall not be certified if the following conditions are met

    • no complete original of the document is presented,
    • there are indications of manipulation on the original,
    • the comparison of the content with the original is not possible, or
    • the issuance of certified copies from official registers and archives is reserved by law exclusively for other authorities (e.g. civil status documents, notarial deeds, invitations in the visa procedure, documents for submission to a social insurance agency or register extracts from the land register, real estate cadastre, commercial register, Federal Central Register, Central Trade Register).

    Signatures and hand signs are not certified if

    • these are executed without the accompanying text,
    • they require public certification in accordance with Section 129 of the German Civil Code (BGB) (e.g. real estate contracts, entries in associations and commercial registers, acknowledgements of paternity or declarations of custody) or
    • they are private declarations of intent (e.g. wills, waivers of inheritance, gifts, consent to organ removal, treatment in hospital, powers of attorney for personal care in the event of illness or long-term care, living wills or other contracts under private law).