Declaration of commitment

If you would like to invite guests from abroad for a visit stay, you have to commit yourself for accommodation, supply, possible medical treatment costs as well as other costs incurred during the stay of these persons. This commitment is made by means of a standardized federal document, which will be filled out with you personally at our office - provided you live in Rosenheim. Your signature will be certified by us on this document, which is why a personal appearance is required in any case. At the same time it is confirmed that you have proven to the authorities that you have sufficient living space for your guests and that you have sufficient financial means to cover the living expenses of your guests during their stay. When checking the ability to pay of the person(s) obligated, the exemption limits of §§ 850 ff. ZPO are taken into account.

The costs for a declaration of commitment amount to 29 EUR, this is valid for five years from entry.