Naturalization confers German citizenship on a foreigner. It must be applied for and is executed by handing over the naturalization certificate. The fee is 255 EUR. The city of Rosenheim is only responsible for applications from residents of the city area, not for the district. A consultation must take place before the application is submitted. The application can also be submitted via the BayernPortal.

There are two types of naturalization: entitlement naturalization and discretionary naturalization.

In principle, a foreigner is entitled to naturalization according to § 10 StAG if the following requirements are met:

  • Legal and habitual residence in the Federal territory for at least eight years,
  • Commitment to the free democratic basic order and declaration of loyalty not to pursue or have pursued any anti-constitutional endeavors,
  • independent means of subsistence for him/herself and his/her dependent family members,
  • Loss or renunciation of previous citizenship (exceptions can be inquired about during a counseling interview),
  • no conviction for an unlawful act to a sentence exceeding 90 daily rates as well as no order of a measure of betterment and security due to inability to pay,
  • sufficient knowledge of the German language,
  • sufficient knowledge of the legal and social order and living conditions in Germany.

Spouses and children who have not yet been legally and habitually resident in the Federal territory for eight years may be naturalized early with the eligible person under certain conditions.

Discretionary naturalization in accordance with Section 8 (1) and Section 9 StAG can take place if the applicant has been legally resident in the Federal territory for at least eight years and meets all the requirements for entitlement to naturalization. For certain groups of persons, naturalization can also be considered earlier (e.g. spouses or life partners of Germans).