Replacement driving licence

The loss or theft of the driver's license should generally be reported to the police to avoid possible misuse. This can be done at any police station.

Furthermore, the loss must be reported immediately to the driver's license authority and a replacement document issued there.

For this purpose, an affirmation in lieu of an oath is required, in which a declaration is made about the whereabouts of the document and information is provided about the circumstances of the loss. An affirmation in lieu of an oath, which is subject to a fee, must be made in writing either before the driving license authority authorized to take delivery of the document (EUR 30.70) or before a notary public (at varying costs).

The application for the replacement driver's license must be made in person, since the manufacturing process at the Bundesdruckerei requires a signature on the manufacturing template (as with an ID card or passport). If the driver's license has not been issued by our driver's license authority, the driver's license data must be obtained from the issuing authority by means of written information (index card copy). This can be requested by the applicant in advance from the relevant authority and can shorten the processing time. Documents required for personal application (by appointment):

  • Identity card/passport
  • 1 current biometric photograph in accordance with the passport ordinance
  • Declaration in lieu of an oath