Export licence plate

You would like to transfer a vehicle abroad to remain there. For this you need an export license plate.

    • Registration certificate part II (vehicle letter)
    • Proof of type approval by means of EC certificate of conformity / CoC or individual expert opinion in accordance with § 13 EG-FGV/§ 21 StVZO
    • Registration certificate Part I and Part II (vehicle title and vehicle registration document)
    • for still registered vehicles the vehicle plates
    • Proof of a valid general inspection (registration certificate Part I or test report)
    • Insurance confirmation for international registration as well as international insurance card (green)
    • valid identity card or passport of the vehicle owner(s)
    • Proof of ownership (original purchase contract/invoice)
    • Presentation of the vehicle for identification
    • If applicable, power of attorney of the authorized representative(s), the authorized representative(s) must provide identification
    • in the case of underage owners, proof of identity of the owner as well as declaration of consent of the legal guardian (see power of attorney). The consent must be accompanied by the identity cards of the authorized signatories. If only one person is the legal guardian, this must be proven by court decision, certificate of appointment or other suitable documents.
    • Declaration of participation for direct debit to be completed.
  • Companies need additionally:

    • Commercial register excerpt and business registration
    • ID and power of attorney of the responsible person authorized to sign (managing director, authorized signatory)
    • In the case of foreign companies, the excerpt from the register must be officially translated or certified by a German embassy.
  • For associations (GbR) you also need:

    • proof of the association (business registration, partnership agreement).
    • The designation of a responsible person who will be registered as the vehicle owner is required. This person must identify him/herself. If the designated representative is not authorized to represent the company alone, a power of attorney from all shareholders and a copy of the valid identification documents are required - additional power of attorney for GbR.
  • Applicants who cannot provide proof of bank details from which direct debit is possible will receive a tax declaration from the registration authority, which must be submitted to the main customs office in Rosenheim, Münchener Str. 51, 83022 Rosenheim, for tax assessment. The assessed tax can be deposited at the main customs office. The certificate from the main customs office regarding the paid vehicle tax must be presented to the registration authority.

    Please note the opening hours of the main customs office: Mon., Tues., Wed. 08:00 to 15:00 Thu. 08:00 to 17:00 Fri. 08:00 to 13:00