Number plate electric vehicles

In order to promote sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly mobility, a license plate regulation has been created that forms the basis for the identification of electrically powered vehicles.

The assigned license plate is given the identification letter "E" following the identification number.

The E license plate is allocated on application if the following requirements are met:

  • The allocation is possible for vehicle classes M1, N1, N2 (up to 4,250 kg maximum permissible mass) L3e, L4e, L5e and L7e.
  • Purely electric vehicles and vehicles with fuel cells can be assigned an E license plate without further proof. This applies to the drive types with the key numbers 0004, 0015, 0016, 0017 and 0018. The key number can be found in the registration certificate Part I and Part II in field 10.

For all other electric vehicles, the following requirements must be met:

  • CO2 emissions less than or equal to 50 g/km or
  • Range greater than or equal to 30 km (from 2018: 40 km).
  • If applicable, it must be proven that the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid (externally rechargeable storage). Proof can be provided by submitting the certificate of conformity (COC), manufacturer's data confirmation, expert opinion in accordance with § 13 EG-FGV or § 21 StVZO as well as with a manufacturer's certificate or confirmation from an officially recognized expert.

The E license plate can also be issued as a changeable license plate, seasonal license plate or green license plate (as part of a tax exemption).

    • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration certificate)
    • Registration certificate part II (vehicle registration certificate)
    • License plates
    • Proof of a valid general inspection (vehicle registration document, inspection report)
    • If applicable, proof that the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (see above).

    If the E license plate is to be assigned as part of a registration, you will find necessary information on the additional documents required in the relevant section on our homepage.

  • Preferential vehicles are marked with a blue sticker, which must be attached to the rear of the vehicle so that it is clearly visible. The sticker is not required if the vehicle has already been assigned special license plates or stickers for electrically powered vehicles abroad. The same requirements apply as for the allocation of an E license plate.