• Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document)
    • Proof of a valid general inspection (vehicle registration document, inspection report)
    • If applicable, the previous license plates if you want to use them again and the license plate has been reserved
    • insurance confirmation (7-digit number of the eVB)
    • valid identity card or passport of the vehicle owner(s)
    • If applicable, power of attorney of the authorized representative(s), the authorized representative(s) must identify themselves
    • In the case of underage owners, ID card of the owner and declaration of consent of the legal guardian (see power of attorney). The consent must be accompanied by the identity cards of the authorized signatories. If only one person is the legal guardian, this must be proven by court decision, certificate of appointment or other suitable documents.
    • Declaration of participation in the direct debit procedure


  • Proof of association (business registration, shareholder agreement).

    The designation of a responsible person to be registered as the vehicle owner is required. This person must identify him/herself. If the designated representative is not authorized to represent the company alone, a power of attorney from all shareholders and copies of valid identification documents are required - registration power of attorney for GbR.

    • Extract from the commercial register and business registration
    • as well as ID and power of attorney of the responsible person authorized to sign (managing director, authorized signatory)