Short-term licence plate

You would like to take a vehicle on a test drive, inspection drive or transfer drive. For this purpose, you need a short-term license plate.

The allocation can only take place if the following requirements are met:

    • The vehicle is specifically designated in the redesigned registration certificate. The vehicle data (vehicle class, body type, chassis number) must be proven by means of vehicle documents (registration certificates).
    • The vehicle must correspond to an approved type or have an individual approval. If there is no type approval, only journeys related to obtaining type approval may be made to the nearest assessment center in the district of the registration authority that assigned the license plate or in an adjacent district.
    • There must be a valid main inspection and, if applicable, safety inspection. If the date for conducting the general inspection or safety inspection is before the expiration date of the short-term license plate, trips may only be made to the nearest inspection center in the licensing district. If the inspection reveals significant or minor defects, trips may also be made for immediate repair at the nearest suitable facility in the registration district or an adjacent district.

The authority responsible for the allocation is the authority of the main residence or the authority responsible for the location of the vehicle. The location must be proven, e.g. by means of a purchase contract. The validity period is limited to a maximum of five days from the date of issue. The vehicle must be out of service at the time of allocation. The short-term license plates are generally intended for use in Germany only.

    • Proof of vehicle data and operating permit by presenting the
      • Registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document) or
      • registration certificate part II (vehicle title) or
      • foreign registration documents
      • EC certificate of conformity/COC
      • in the case of vehicles not subject to registration, operating permit/EC certificate of conformity
    • Proof of a valid main inspection/safety test (vehicle registration document, test report)
    • Insurance confirmation (7-digit number of the eVB) for short-term license plates
    • If applicable, proof of the location of the vehicle if the main residence is not in the registration district (e.g. on the basis of the purchase contract)
    • Valid identity card or passport of the vehicle owner(s) or
    • Excerpt from the commercial register and business registration as well as identification of the responsible authorized signatory
    • in the case of associations (GbR): Proof of the association (business registration, partnership agreement). The designation of a responsible person who will be registered as the vehicle owner is required. This person must identify himself/herself. If the designated representative is not authorized to represent the company alone, a power of attorney from all shareholders and a copy of the valid identification documents are required - additional power of attorney for GbR.
    • if necessary, power of attorney of the authorized representative(s), the authorized representative(s) must identify themselves
    • in the case of underage holders, ID of the holder(s) as well as declaration of consent of the legal guardian(s) (see power of attorney). The consent must be accompanied by the identity cards of the authorized signatories. If only one person is the legal guardian, this must be proven by court decision, certificate of appointment or other suitable documents.