Information from the civil register

Upon request, the registration office may provide information from the population register to private individuals or other non-public bodies for a fee. Information from the civil register is generally excluded if an information block is noted in the data record of the requested person. Information in connection with genealogical and family research as well as heir searches from archived civil registration files will be provided exclusively by the municipal archives.


  • Simple information from the civil register

    Simple information from the civil register is only possible if

    • the person sought can be identified unambiguously and without doubt in the population register. In order to ensure this, at least three search characteristics must be specified when the request is made (surname, first name, date of birth and/or last known residential address in Rosenheim).
    • the purpose of the requested data is stated.
    • a declaration is made that the information will not be used for advertising or address trading purposes. If the data is used for commercial purposes, these must be stated precisely. It is prohibited to use data from a civil register information for commercial purposes without this purpose having been stated at the time of the request.

    Written requests for information that do not contain declarations to this effect must be returned unprocessed. A simple information request from the civil register contains the following data: Surname, first names, doctor's degree, current addresses if the person is deceased, this fact.


    Extended information from the civil register

    In the event of a legitimate or legal interest, in addition to the information contained in the simple registration register information, the following data can also be provided in accordance with Section 45 (1) of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BMG): Date and place of birth and, in the case of birth abroad, also the state, previous names, marital status (limited to whether or not married or in a civil partnership), current nationalities, previous addresses, date of moving in and date of moving out, surname and first names and address of the legal representative, first and surnames and address of the spouse or civil partner, date and place of death and, in the case of death abroad, also the state.

    No information may legally be provided about data other than those listed conclusively above.

    Please note: When applying for extended information from the population register, the justified or legal interest in relation to the data required in each case must be credibly demonstrated and proven by means of appropriate documents (e.g. default summons, debt title, etc.). A "blanket" disclosure of all extended data is therefore not permissible.

    • in person
    • in writing
    • online

    Online application for simple registration information Bavaria-wide.

  • Fees:

    • Simple information about the population register in writing: 10,- Euro
    • Simple information from the population register online: fee
    • Extended information from the civil register (only possible in writing) and information outside the civil register (archive): 13,-Euro

    Payment methods:

    For written requests for information, the fee is charged exclusively against advance payment . Payment method:

    • Advance bank transfer(a copy of the bank transfer slip indicating the purpose of thetransfer: 1.0.1110.1002 and the name of the person concerned must be enclosed with the request ).
    • Other payment options for the settlement of fees for written information are not possible! The request will be processed only after the receipt of the fee has been determined.

    In case of personal appearance:

    Payment of fees in cash or with a German EC card Further information:

    Since this is a processing fee, the fee must be paid even if the person sought cannot be determined or the address provided by us is already known.

    Bank details:

    • Sparkasse Rosenheim-Bad Aibling
    • IBAN: DE21 7115 0000 0001 17
    • Intended purpose 1.0.1110.100