Registration certificate

Various types of official certificates can be applied for at the Citizens' Registration Office. Official registration certificates are excerpts from the data stock of the respective residents' registration register. However, a prerequisite for the issuance is that the person making the application is registered in Rosenheim or was previously registered. It is therefore not used for the new registration of an apartment. Further information on registering or re-registering an apartment can be found here.

The certificate is issued immediately upon presentation at the Bürgeramt. For written applications, the processing time is about one week.

    • A simple registration certificate contains the following data: surname, first names, previous names, date and place of birth (in the case of birth abroad also the country) as well as current addresses, marked according to main and secondary residence.
    • In an extended registration certificate , additional data can be included upon request: legal representative, spouse, partner and minor children, each with surname and first name, gender, marital status, current nationalities, religion, identity card/passport data, move-in date, move-out date, previous addresses. An extended registration certificate is required in particular for a registration for marriage for the registry office. But also for passport matters of foreign persons at consular representations an extended certificate of registration must be presented.
    • Life certificate (personal appearance required): A life certificate serves as proof that the insured person is still alive and can be presented to pension insurance institutions, insurance companies or company pension funds in Germany and abroad. In order to be able to certify this, a personal visit by the insured person to the Citizens' Registration Office is mandatory. As a rule, the insured person already receives a form from the requesting office, which is confirmed accordingly by the registration office.
    • in person (by presenting the identification document)
    • in writing(not possible with life certificate)
    • by an authorized person(not possible with life certificate)

    Important notice:

    A written request must contain the personal data of the person making the request with designation of the desired certificate (simple or extended). A photocopy of the identification document is also required. An authorized person shall submit the letter of authorization and a photocopy of the applicant's identification document. The authorized person must also provide identification.

    • Simple certificate of registration: 5,00 Euro
    • Extended certificate of registration: 5,00 Euro
    • Registration certificate/life certificate for pension purposes and company pensions (pre-printed form or request from the pension insurance institution as proof must be submitted): free of charge


    The administrative fee for written applications is charged exclusively against advance payment. The fee may be paid as follows:

    • For written applications: advance bank transfer(copy of transfer receipt must be attached to the request - incoming applications cannot be processed without proof of payment).

    Bank details: Sparkasse Rosenheim-Bad Aibling IBAN: DE21 7115 0000 0001 17 BIC: BYLADEM1ROS Intended use: 1.0.1110.1002 and name of the person concerned

    • In case of personal visit or visit of an authorized representative: Cash payment or with German EC card