Registration/renewal of a flat

When is there an obligation to report?

Anyone moving into an apartment in Rosenheim must register at the Bürgeramt - Sachgebiet Meldewesen - within two weeks of moving in. This also applies when moving within the city.

The legislator also provides for exceptions to the obligation to register. Detailed information on this can be found in our information sheet Exceptions to the obligation to register.


How is the reporting obligation fulfilled?

  • In the case of a personal visit, all existing identity cards, passports (or replacement papers) must be presented in the original for all family members who have moved into the apartment, as well as a housing provider confirmation. The presentation of the rental contract is not sufficient. In the case of families (spouses, civil partners and family members with the same move-in dates (move-in date as well as previous and current residences), registration by a person who has reached the age of 16 is sufficient. The registration of persons under 16 years of age is the responsibility of those into whose dwelling these persons move.

  • Representation at the registration by a person authorized by you is possible upon presentation of all required documents (registration form completely filled out and signed by the registrant, all identification/passport documents in the original, housing provider confirmation and informal letter of authorization. If there are more than four persons, an additional registration form must be used.

  • If a person has several residences in the country, one of these residences is the main residence. The main dwelling is the dwelling that is predominantly used. The main residence of a married person who does not live permanently separated from his or her family is the predominantly used residence of the family. Secondary residence is any other residence in the country. In the case of multiple residences, the form Supplementary sheet for registration of multiple residences must also be completed.

    It is not legally permissible to send the registration documents to the Bürgeramt by post .

    Please note the following important information on the legal obligation of the housing provider to cooperate!

  • The housing provider is legally obligated to cooperate with the registration. He/she must confirm in writing that a person has moved into an apartment within two weeks by means of a housing provider confirmation and hand it over to the person obliged to register, so that he/she can meet his/her legal obligation to register in due time.

    If the housing provider or a person/agency commissioned by him/her refuses to provide the confirmation or if the person subject to the registration obligation does not receive it or does not receive it in time for other reasons, the person subject to the registration obligation must notify the registration authority immediately.

    If housing providers do not comply with their duty to cooperate, do not do so correctly or do not do so in time, this constitutes an administrative offense and can be punished by the registration authority with a fine of up to 1,000 euros.

    Who is considered to be the housing provider?

    The housing provider is usually the owner who rents out the apartment (landlord). However, a person or body commissioned by the owner to rent out the apartment can also be the housing provider. For example, housing associations can be the owner and issue the housing provider confirmation through employees authorized to represent them. Property managers can act as agents for the owner. Furthermore, a person who lets another person use a dwelling is a landlord. An effective rental agreement is therefore not a prerequisite. Housing providers can also be main tenants who "sublet".

    In the case of owner occupancy of a dwelling, the confirmation is made as a "self-declaration" by the person required to register. The housing provider confirmation form can also be used for this purpose.

  • Any person can have data transfer blocks placed with the registration office. This makes it possible to object to data transfers provided for by law.

  • Motor vehicle owners are obliged to have their vehicle registration certificate or the registration certificate Part I transferred to their new address. In connection with the change of address, the residents' registration office can also issue a new vehicle registration document, thus saving you another visit to the vehicle registration office.

    A prerequisite for this is, however, that the previous vehicle registration document has already been issued by the city of Rosenheim. The fee for a new vehicle registration certificate or a registration certificate part I is 12.00 euros (to be paid in cash or with EC card when applying).