Billposting via advertising licensing companies

The city has concluded a usage agreement with an advertising license company covering the entire city area for billposting on areas owned by the city. Advertising is possible for a fee on all billboards approved under building law (in particular large billboards and advertising columns) after prior registration with the licensing company.

Please direct inquiries to:

Ströer Deutsche Städte Medien GmbH Tel.: 089 / 480 098-0

  • The placement of billboards in the city area outside of these billboards approved under building law can only be permitted as an exception on the occasion of special events in individual cases, if this does not result in impairments, in particular for the local and landscape image. In such cases, exceptional permits are issued by the building administration office on the basis of the city ordinance on public billboards. In accordance with a resolution of the City Council, the approval practice in this regard is very restrictive.

    Special regulations apply in particular to advertising in connection with elections, referendums and citizens' initiatives as well as referendums and citizens' decisions.

  • "Wild" billposting and other violations of the ordinance will be punished as a misdemeanor, and the cost of removing unauthorized billposting will be charged to the billposting party or the party responsible for the content and installation (substitute performance subject to a fee).

  • We would like to point out that fixed installations for commercial advertising (e.g. commercial event advertising) are not covered by the billposting ordinance; rather, these are subject to the provisions of public building law.

    Please contact the city's building regulations office for more information.

  • State Criminal and Ordinance Law(LStVG)