Building permit

According to Art. 55 Para. 1 BayBO, a building permit is required for the construction, alteration or change of use of a building.

Exceptions to this approval requirement are possible, e.g. procedural exemption according to Art. 57 BayBO or in the area with a development plan as an approval exemption procedure according to Art. 58 Para. 1 BayBO.

Period of validity: The period of validity of the building permit is four years in accordance with Art. 69 BayBO and can be extended by up to two years in each case on application, which must be submitted informally before the expiry of the four years.

  • The required documents specified in the Building Documents Ordinance must be submitted with the application for a building permit. The parking space regulations of the city of Rosenheim must be observed when providing proof of parking space.

    Note: Building plan folders are not required for plan submission in the area of the City of Rosenheim.

    In addition to the documents required in accordance with the Construction Documents Ordinance, the following documents are also required:

    Further requirements:

    • The building owner and design drafter must sign the building application and the building documents (Art. 64 Para. 4 Sentence 1 BayBO).
    • The author of the design must be authorized to submit building documents in accordance with Art. 61 BayBO.
    • The required participation of neighbors must be carried out.
  • The start of construction, interruption of construction and completion must be reported to the Building Regulations Office. The relevant forms can also be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Construction and Transport.

    Preliminary decision:

    According to Art. 71 BayBO, a written preliminary decision can be issued prior to the submission of a building application at the written request of the building owner on individual issues to be decided in the building permit. The preliminary decision is valid for three years and can be extended by two years at a time if an informal written application is submitted by the building owner before the expiry of the period of validity of the preliminary decision. Required documents according to Art. 71 sentence 4 BayBO correspond to the documents as for the building permit application, but no detailed planning.