Preparatory urban land use planning

The land use plan (FNP) shows the main features of the intended land use for the entire city of Rosenheim. As a preparatory land-use plan, it forms the basis for the preparation of land-use plans (binding land-use plans), but it has no direct external effect on the public. The land use plan of the city of Rosenheim became effective on 12.12.1995. It includes a binding landscape plan that takes into account the goals of nature conservation and landscape management: effective land use plan 1995 (Note: The changes made to the FNP since 1995 have not been integrated into this representation. Information on the individual changes can be found below).

  • Since the time horizon of a land use plan is usually about 15 years, its update is continuously prepared. The urban development concept Rosenheim 2025, which is being prepared in cooperation with various specialist offices with the specialist departments of the city administration and in coordination with the political bodies, is to serve as the basis.

  • The implementation of preparation and amendment procedures for the land use plan is governed by the German Building Code (BauGB). This ensures that both private and public interests are taken into account. As part of the public participation process, citizens and those affected are given the opportunity to comment on the planning and submit their opinions.

    1. Initiation of the procedure by city council resolution
    2. Preparation of a preliminary draft for discussion
    3. Early participation of the public and the authorities
    4. Elaboration of the draft
    5. Resolution on approval and display in the city council
    6. Interpretation and participation of the authorities
    7. Weighing of public and private concerns
    8. Resolution of the city council
    9. Approval procedure
    10. Legal validity with the announcement in the official gazette of the city of Rosenheim