Statistics - Urban planning & development planning

The Statistics Department is assigned to the Development Planning and Urban Development Department. In addition to the numerous evaluations for the city's specialist departments, the updating and annual updating of the individual specialist statistical data is part of the basic work of the statistics department. Statistical surveys are necessary in the context of a wide variety of urban development projects.

The last nationwide survey of population figures (also known as the "Census" or "Volkszählung") was conducted in 2011. A new census is planned for 2022. In addition to updating the registers and population, the census results are primarily used to generate bases for improving the daily living environment. Areas of application are, for example, ensuring sufficient supply of kindergartens and schools in the urban area, providing suitable assistance for senior citizens or optimized housing or traffic planning.

Current statistical data and facts - among others for the city of Rosenheim - are available free of charge on the website of the Bavarian State Office for Statistics for a large number of subject areas. Specialized statistical publications are partly available free of charge in the web store of the Bavarian State Office for Statistics.

Labor market data can be accessed on the statistics portal of the Federal Employment Agency. Statistical key figures that allow a comparison of Rosenheim with other cities can be found, for example, in the dynamic dashboard of the European Urban Data Platform.