General information

In the city of Rosenheim, disaster control is the responsibility of the Office for Fire and Disaster Control. The core of this task is to avert disasters of any kind, such as major incidents, floods, forest fires or storms, and to take the necessary preparatory measures.

A disaster within the meaning of this law is an event in which the life or health of a large number of people or the natural basis of life or significant material assets are endangered or damaged to an unusual extent and the danger can only be averted or the disturbance can only be prevented and eliminated if, under the direction of the disaster control authority, the authorities, departments, organizations and the forces involved in disaster control work together.

The disaster control authority shall cooperate with the emergency organizations involved in disaster control and the authorities, organizations and other agencies concerned in the individual case.

The many volunteer emergency forces are of considerable importance for disaster control. They form the backbone of local emergency response and civil protection.

Further information can also be found at the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).