Weapons law

The acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition requires a permit. The Rosenheim city administration is responsible if your main residence is in the city area (district residents please contact the Rosenheim district office). Requirements for the issuance of a permit:

  • Reliability
  • personal suitability
  • expert knowledge
  • need

The weapon possession card must be applied for personally!

The following documents must be presented:

  • Identity card / passport
  • Certificate of need
  • Proof of expertise
  • Proof of storage (e.g. invoice / photos of the gun cabinet with type plate)

The reliability and personal suitability will be checked by the authorities (if necessary, a medical certificate will be obtained). Proof of expertise and need must be provided by the applicant.

Anyone in possession of weapons or ammunition must take the necessary precautions to prevent these items from being lost or taken by third parties without authorization. Proof of the proper storage of firearms must be provided to the competent authority. Further information on weapons storage can also be found in the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office brochure "Safe Storage of Weapons and Ammunition".

Permitless weapons

Gas and alarm firearms, compressed air, spring-loaded and CO2 weapons that have an appropriate test mark are exempt from the weapons possession card requirement.

These weapons may be acquired freely from the age of 18. More detailed information can be obtained from the relevant arms dealers or arms stores.

However, the carrying (carrying in public) of these weapons requires a permit! For this purpose, a small firearms license must be applied for.

Information on the amendment to the law on firearms

The National Weapons Register (NWR) stores all important information on privately and commercially owned firearms requiring a permit. If you are a natural person in possession of a firearms permit or a firearm, you can request information about which of your data is stored in the register. You can make your request in writing, online or in person at the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).

  • Weapons possession card for hunters (long guns), sport shooters 30 EUR
    Weapons possession card for hunters (long guns), sport shooters when first issued 60 EUR
    Weapons possession card for hunting candidates, replacement certificates 60 EUR
    Weapons possession card for heirs 40 EUR
    Weapons possession card for weapon collectors 150 EUR
    Ammunition acquisition card 40 EUR
    Entry of weapons in weapons possession card 15 EUR (for the first weapon, 7,50 EUR for each additional one)
    Removal of weapons from the weapon ownership card 10 EUR (for the first weapon, 7,50 EUR for each additional one)
    Small firearms license 100 EUR
    European firearms pass 50 EUR
    Changes/renewal of the European firearms passport 15 EUR