Senior Citizens Advisory Council

Welcome to the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council of the City of Rosenheim. We take care of the concerns of the elderly citizens.

The Seniors' Advisory Council is a body appointed by the City Council to look after the interests of older residents. More than 20% of Rosenheim's citizens are of senior age. The demographic development shows a further increase. In 2028, every third person in Bavaria will be over 60 years old. The 60plus population group will also increase strongly in the city of Rosenheim.

The demographic development requires an active participation of the elderly in economy, politics and society. Against this background, the involvement of older people is not only desirable but necessary. Senior citizens' advisory councils are one form of active involvement of older people in local communities. The members of the honorary senior citizens' advisory councils are not a statutory office, but an honorary office created voluntarily by the municipalities within the framework of their constitutionally guaranteed self-administration.

In Rosenheim, a senior citizens' advisory council was founded as early as 1988.

It serves as the first point of contact for older citizens and can refer them to specialized agencies and institutions, but can also feed back needs and problems to the city council. Committed citizens of the city are willing to volunteer in the senior citizens' advisory council.

The city of Rosenheim is challenged to develop tailored structures in order to offer older citizens attractive living environments and framework conditions to ensure individuality, self-determination and quality of life. Many improvements that were originally intended for older people ultimately benefit all citizens and thus simultaneously contribute to more family-friendliness in the city.

Of central importance is the paradigm shift from the traditional policy of assistance for the elderly to an overall concept for senior citizens' policy that focuses on the potential and resources as well as the need for assistance and support of older people.

The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council

  • The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council of the City of Rosenheim represents the interests of older citizens, networks existing social services, performs advisory activities and submits suggestions, inquiries, recommendations and statements on issues relevant to seniors to the city bodies.

    The Seniors' Advisory Council works independently and is not bound to any confession, association or political party.

    The Seniors' Advisory Council is responsible for recording and promoting the special concerns of seniors, in particular vis-à-vis the city and its bodies.

    The Seniors' Advisory Council performs its tasks primarily through applications, suggestions, inquiries, recommendations and statements.

  • 1st Rosenheim Senior Citizens' Fair on November 19, 2016

    More than 2,500 visitors were attracted to the Senior Citizens' Fair on November 19, 2016 at the Kultur+Kongress Zentrum Rosenheim.

    Under the chairmanship of Josef Kugler and in close cooperation with the city's social welfare office, the city's seniors' advisory council put on a varied, atmospheric and highly informative event that had nothing to do with a sales fair. The goals of the senior citizens' work and assistance for the elderly for the coming years, which had been agreed upon between the city administration and the senior citizens' advisory council, could be seen in the concept of the senior citizens' fair. Movement, joy in life and a self-determined life - these important contents are of utmost importance for seniors. Health, prevention, vitality, leisure activities, living and housing, care and rehabilitation were the focus of the 40 exhibitors, who presented various ways to improve the quality of life for seniors.Assistance and support was offered in a wide variety of areas, such as from various clinics, doctors, medical services, social associations, police, driving schools and much more. Among other things, hearing tests could be carried out, blood sugar and the mobility of the cervical spine could be measured. In addition, a test was offered that already showed the first signs of incipient dementia. Mayor Gabriele Bauer, together with the second mayor, Anton Heindl, and the third mayor, Dr. Beate Burkl, took plenty of time for the visitors' concerns and questions. The senior citizens' fair was accompanied by an attractive supporting program, dance and music.

    You can find out more about this at OVB online.

  • As places where older citizens live, municipalities must meet the challenges of demographic change as the population grows older. These include, for example, barrier-free access, participation opportunities, sufficient infrastructure (stores, medical care, etc.), support options at home, and even various forms of housing in old age.

    Since January 1, 2007, the Bavarian counties and independent cities have been obligated under Article 69 of the Act on the Implementation of Social Laws (AGSG) to develop integrative regional senior citizens' overall concepts (SPGK) that reflect these topics.

    The overall senior citizen policy concept is based on an analysis of the current situation as well as on forecasts of what challenges the respective municipality will face in the future in order to actively address them. The overall senior citizen policy concepts focus on the great potential of older people and at the same time create tailor-made local support structures.

    (Bavarian State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration).

    Brochure: Guide for municipal senior citizen policy in Bavaria

    Brochure: Award-winning "Overall concepts for senior citizen policy" in Bavaria

    Brochure: The "Senior Citizens Policy Concept" of the Bavarian State Government

  • In order to further improve the political participation of older people in Bavaria at local and supra-local level, the Bavarian state government will launch a Senior Citizens' Participation Act . To this end, the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs conducted four expert dialogs and a Bavaria-wide online survey in October and November 2020. The aim of this participation process is to incorporate the knowledge, opinions and valuable experience of the stakeholders already available on active senior citizen participation in Bavaria in the run-up to the drafting of the law.

    A wide range of suggestions were made and views exchanged in the expert dialogs, both analog and digital. At the same time, a Bavaria-wide online survey was launched under the motto "SeniorenMitWirkung" to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute their opinions. The response to this was overwhelming: over 5,300 people took part from October 1 to November 22, 2020.

    Information on the 2021 final event can be found on the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Social Affairs website.

    In June 2022, after lengthy negotiations, the Bavarian government agreed on a large state seniors' council that must be consulted on all relevant policy plans. This is part of the Seniors' Participation Act. The new council will be led by an eight-member board from all parts of the state (two seats for Upper Bavaria). It is given the right to be heard on all state government plans that affect older people. Up to now, there has only been a state seniors' representative body in the form of an association; funding for this is to be phased out. The new body will also act as an umbrella for the many local senior citizens' representatives, informing and advising them without imposing regulations on them. So far, more than 90 percent of the municipalities have a seniors' representative body. A duty to introduce such an advisory board in each place does not come. (Source: OVB local newspapers).


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