Education & Participation Benefits

With the benefits for education and participation, children, adolescents and young adults from families with low incomes can participate on an equal footing in offerings at school, daycare facilities and in leisure time. The city of Rosenheim is concerned that everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and benefit from it. An entitlement to benefits for education and participation exists for children from families who receive one of the following social benefits:

  • Housing allowance (WoGG)
  • Child supplement (BKGG)
  • Unemployment benefit II/Social benefit (Hartz IV/SGB II)
  • Social assistance: basic security/assistance for living (SGB XII)
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG)

In the education and participation package the following benefits are taken into account:

  • Payment of the actual costs incurred for day trips and trips lasting several days from school and daycare centers.
  • Pupils receive a total of 154.50 euros per school year. (103 euros for the first and 51.50 euros for the second school year).
  • Assumption of costs for participation in a communal lunch at school or kindergarten/nursery.
  • Assumption of costs for necessary learning support (tutoring) if, in the opinion of the teacher, it is not possible to achieve the essential learning goals (advancement to the next grade, or a sufficient level of performance) without supplementary extracurricular learning support.
  • Benefits amounting to a flat rate of 15 EUR/month for participation in paid leisure activities (e.g. music school, sports club) as well as subsidies for other expenses directly related to the leisure activity (e.g. equipment, club excursions), provided that the self-financing of such costs is not reasonable.
  • Assumption of costs for student transportation to the nearest school, if transportation is necessary and the costs for this are not assumed by third parties (Office for Schools, Childcare and Sports).

For more information about the application for education and participation, please contact:

City of Rosenheim Reichenbachstr. 8 83022 Rosenheim Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-14 93 or -14 99 and at: team-but(at)

  • Function Name Phone +49(0)8031/365-
    Head of department Mr. Greiner 14 92
    Processing Mr. Prill 14 93
    Processing Mrs. Kaiser 14 99
    • Current notification of receipt of the respective social benefit (SGB II, SGB XII, child supplement, housing benefit, AsylbLG)
    • If possible, an already completed application form (please fill out a separate form for each child in the household)
    • signed data protection notice
    • Booking agreement of the facility for communal lunch meals
    • for one-day excursions and school trips lasting several days, additionally the confirmation of the school/daycare center for the excursion or a receipt.
    • confirmation or a contract from the provider for participation in social and cultural life.

    The list is not exhaustive!