Green Pass

Discounts for visiting municipal facilities

The "Green Pass", introduced by the City of Rosenheim in 1982, grants a discount to eligible persons when visiting municipal facilities.

    • Bildungswerk (individual events, lecture series, seminars)
    • Ice rink
    • Evangelisches Bildungswerk (without trips)
    • Historical city games
    • KUKO (only municipal events without subscription)
    • Exhibition center Lokschuppen
    • Rosenheim Music School
    • Outdoor pool Chiemseestraße
    • Municipal Gallery
    • Hans-Klepper indoor swimming pool
    • Municipal Museum
    • Municipal library
    • Theater Rosenheim
    • Adult education center (without travel)
  • All residents of the city of Rosenheim are eligible, subject to the following conditions:

    • Recipients of benefits according to SGB II
    • Recipients of benefits according to SGB XII
    • Persons with low income, in compliance with the income limits.


You can obtain the "Green Passport" and the application for it at:

Sozialamt Reichenbachstr. 8, 83022 Rosenheim Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-14 61 or -15 07. Please make an appointment!

    • Identity card
    • Proof of income
    • (e.g. pension, unemployment benefit, social welfare benefit certificates, income from employment).
    • Recipients of social welfare and unemployment benefits I and II receive the Green Pass for a limited period of 1 year. If the requirements continue to be met, the Green Pass can be extended by 1 year.

    The Green Pass is not transferable.

Income limits

The income limits are based on the social assistance rates and may not be exceeded. If the adjusted income (after deduction of individual deductions) exceeds the amounts stated below, there is no entitlement to the issuance of a Green Pass.

  • Group of persons income

    for 1 person household 1.092,00 EUR
    for 2 person household 1.593,00 EUR
    for 3 person household 2.115,00 EUR
    for 4 person household 2.650,00 EUR
    for 5 person household 3.184,00 EUR

    For each additional person, the income limit increases individually.

    (Status: January 2021)