Volunteer card

Volunteering pays off

Many citizens of the city of Rosenheim who engage in volunteer work thus contribute to improving living conditions and the general welfare. With the introduction of the Bavarian Volunteer Card, the city of Rosenheim would like to say thank you to these volunteers.

App "Bavarian Volunteer Card

Holders of the Ehrenamtskarte can download the app "Ehrenamtskarte Bayern" free of charge from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store. The app explains the respective offer and provides contact details and directions. The approximately 5,000 offers at municipal institutions as well as public and private providers in Bavaria are displayed in various categories. The app is suitable for smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS version). Note: Android 7.0 is not supported. Please use Android 7.1 or a younger version. For programming reasons, the Volunteer Card app can no longer serve all versions of Android smartphones.

Volunteer card also for FSJ employees

Minister of Social Affairs Schreyer: "Participants in volunteer services in Bavaria benefit from the advantages of the Bavarian Volunteer Card". The Bavarian Volunteer Card is also available to participants in volunteer services. Therefore, they can receive the blue honorary service card - a thank-you gift in credit card format. The card can be applied for during the volunteer service.


    • have been voluntarily engaged in civic engagement for at least two years for an average of five hours per week or, in the case of project work, for at least 250 hours per year, or
    • have been active in civic engagement for at least two years, or
    • are holders of a Juleica (youth leader card), or
    • are active in the volunteer fire department and have completed their training as a firefighter or have completed at least the basic module of the modular firefighter training (MTA), or
    • are active in disaster control and rescue services with completed basic training, or
    • are regularly performing active military service in the Bundeswehr as reservists, either by having performed a total of at least 40 days of reservist service in the past two calendar years or by having been a permanent member of a district or county liaison command in the past two calendar years, or
    • performing voluntary service in a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), a Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) or a Federal Volunteer Service (BFD).
    • Holders of the Badge of Honor of the Prime Minister,
    • Firefighters and emergency service personnel in rescue services and other civil protection units who have a length of service award under the Firefighters' and Relief Organizations' Medals of Honor Act (FwHOEzG),
    • Reservists who have performed regular active military service in the Armed Forces for at least 25 years, either by having served a total of at least 500 days of reservist service during that time or by having been a permanent member of a district or county liaison command during that time, and
    • Volunteers who have volunteered at least 5 hours per week or 250 hours per year for at least 25 years.

Advantages of the honorary activity card

Benefit from many advantages in your region and everywhere in Bavaria! Volunteering pays off! There are around 4,000 acceptance partners at regional level throughout Bavaria.

The Bavarian Volunteer Card is not only valid for institutions within the city area but throughout Bavaria, in all counties and independent cities that participate in the "Bavarian Volunteer Card".

    • Rosenheim Municipal Museum
    • Holztechnisches Museum Rosenheim Max-Josefs-Platz 4, Rosenheim, Tel. +49 (0) 80 31/16 90 0
    • Rosenheim Municipal Gallery
    • Rosenheim Municipal Library
    • VHS Rosenheim
    • Rofa Stadium (public ice skating) Jahnstr. 1, Rosenheim, Tel +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-14 27
    • Teaching pool Aising
    • Culture+Congress Center Rosenheim
    • Swimming pools / Rosenheim public utilities
    • Concessions from the Free State of Bavaria and private businesses
    • Bavarian Red Cross, Rosenheim District Association Tegernseestr. 5, 83022 Rosenheim, Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 30 19 0, E-Mail You will receive a 50% discount when shopping at our clothing store "Gutes aus zweiter Hand" at Samerstraße 1, 83022 Rosenheim, Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 35 33 06. There is a 10 EUR discount for all card holders for first aid courses.
    • Reichelt joinery GmbH Hochholzweg 1, 83024 Rosenheim , Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 94 17 26 8 Services: 10 % discount on windows and front doors
    • KARL Richard, sanitary gas installation, customer service Küpferlingstr. 67, 83024 Rosenheim, Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 37 89 6 Benefits: 10 % discount on delivered material - list prices
    • Perfumery Wiedemann Max-Josefs-Platz 2, 83022 Rosenheim, Tel. +49 (0) 80 31 / 90 07 12 10 % discount on non-reduced goods.
    • McDonald's Heinritzi Klepperstr. 30 and Südtiroler Platz 1, 83022 Rosenheim The discount is 10 %.
    • Burger King Münchener Str. 44, 83022 Rosenheim On presentation of the Bavarian Volunteer Card, you will receive a 10% discount on your order - not valid in conjunction with other discounts or bonuses.
    • MOSER traditional costumes Georg-Aicher-Str. 4, 83026 Rosenheim You can take advantage of the exclusive 10% shopping discount in all Moser stores in Bavaria. Valid also for reduced goods and the Moser low price.
    • Radlbauer Kolbermoorer Str. 36, 83026 Rosenheim Holders of the Bavarian honorary card receive a 10% discount on regular merchandise and a 5% discount on reduced merchandise (except Cube, Assos, Babboe and Zigo). The Bavarian stores can be found in Steindorf, 3 x in Munich, Rosenheim, Augsburg, Ergolding/Landshut, Ulm and Günzburg.
    • MATToptik Münchener Str. 31, 83022 Rosenheim Holders of the Bavarian honorary card receive a 10% discount on all articles, except for special offers, reduced articles and complete offers. Optik MATT has 70 stores in Bavaria.
    • Kroschke GmbH We offer 10% discount on license plates and accessories. Insurances are excluded. The offer is only valid in participating stores and only in connection (after presentation) with the Bavarian honorary card. Any services and insurance are excluded from the promotion, and the discount does not apply online.
    • Hypobank Rosenheim Münchener Str. 11, 83022 Rosenheim Special conditions Partner program
    • Schlemmerblock Holders of a Bayerische Ehrenamtskarte can get this for their region at the absolute lowest price of EUR 14.95 instead of EUR 34.95.
    • Car rental Sixt branches Rosenheim: Südtiroler Platz 1 and Isarstr. 1 d You get from up to 15% discount at Sixt rent a car and Sixt rent a truck. The discount applies to all offline and internet private customer rates valid at the time of rental at the rental location. The discount amount depends on local availability and the offer cannot be combined with other specials or promotions. Rental car discounts for holders of the Ehrenamtskarte.
    • Mipa Direkt GmbH Farben-Lacke Klepperstr. 18b, 83022 Rosenheim, Phone: +49 (0) 80 31 / 35 78 89 6
    • Akademie Schuetze Dich Chiemseestr. 10, 83022 Rosenheim, Tel.: +49 (0) 80 31 / 20 80 61 0 or +49 (0) 163 / 55 55 56 0 The Akadiemie Schuetze Dich is a prevention and martial arts school for young and old. The main focus is to make women and children STRONG in the sense of self-confidence and preventive perception of dangerous situations. The discount for each offered course is 40%, for a targeted permanent membership 20% discount is granted.
    • German Youth Hostel Association Tel.: 089 922098-555, E-Mail honorary ones, which have a valid Bavarian honorary office map, can receive a free membership in the German youth hostel organization. This means that 54 locations in Bavaria, 400 throughout Germany and a total of 3,000 youth hostels in 75 countries worldwide are open to them. The free DJH membership can be applied for via the Service & Booking Center in Munich.



  • The City of Rosenheim issues the Bavarian Volunteer Card to citizens living in Rosenheim, regardless of where the volunteer work is performed.

    Citizens who are engaged in voluntary work can apply for the Bavarian Volunteer Card via the association or organization where they are active or directly at the Rosenheim city administration, Ms. Schwarzfischer, room no. 11, phone +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-15 07. After filling out the application, have the club or organization confirm your information and then submit it to the Rosenheim city administration. After checking the requirements, the card will be printed and either sent to you or presented to you at a small ceremony.

  • Information for companies, businesses and tradespeople The more companies offer discounts and reductions, the more attractive the Bavarian Volunteer Card becomes for its holders.

    Information for clubs, associations and organizations Rosenheim citizens who are involved in voluntary work and would like to receive the Bavarian Volunteer Card can contact us at any time.

    This project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs.

  • Function Name Phone +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-
    Head of department Mrs. Pawelka 15 05
    Processing Mrs. Schwarzfischer 15 07
    Processing Mrs. Ludwig 15 06