Property drainage


A sewer connection is the prerequisite for property drainage. This in turn serves to discharge wastewater and, if applicable, rainwater from a private property into the public sewer system. If the connection to the property is located in the public street, it belongs to the municipal drainage system and must be applied for separately.


By calling +49 (0) 80 31 / 365-17 59, you will receive advice from our staff, as well as a site plan showing the course of the main municipal sewer and information on the location and height of your connection options. We will also inform you about the disposal options for precipitation water and the relevant design rainfall.


For property drainage or sewer connection, a separate drainage plan with the following content must be submitted in addition to the building application (3-fold):

  • Site plan section, 1:1000
  • Longitudinal section, line diagram, 1:100, elevations above sea level
  • If applicable, representation of the rainwater infiltration system
  • List of areas subject to runoff

In the case of new construction or structural alterations to property drainage systems, there is an acceptance obligation including a leak test in accordance with DIN EN 1610.

  • Operation Type Euro
    Examination of design plan 1- to 2-family house Multi-family house, commercial enterprise 175 211
    On-site inspection 1- to 2-family house Multi-family house, commercial enterprise 152
    Surcharge for separators etc. 75