Special uses

What is special use?

Special use is the use of public roads, paths and squares beyond the public use.

Public use is the use of public areas within the scope of their dedication.

If a publicly dedicated area is used beyond the public use, this constitutes a special use requiring a permit according to the special use statutes and the special use fee statutes.

There are two types of special use permits

  • The special use permit under public law (notice): Special uses on or above publicly dedicated traffic areas, such as construction site equipment, containers, sales booths, merchandise displays, billboards or advertising and information booths, require a special use permit under public law. This also includes advertising signs that project more than 15 cm into the public traffic area.
  • The special use permit under civil law (permit contract): Special uses that either take place under the road surface, such as private pipelines, or above the road surface serve the public supply and in doing so impair the public use not only for a short time, require a special use permit under civil law.

More information

    • The building administration office is responsible for all special uses in the city of Rosenheim.
    • In cases that require an order under traffic law (e.g. due to blocking of traffic - also on half sides, detour of pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle traffic or for setting up stopping bans, e.g. due to moving), the Rosenheim Traffic Office, Road Traffic Authority, is responsible.
    • Permits to hold events on public traffic areas, e.g. bicycle races, fun runs, street festivals, are issued by the Traffic Office.
  • Application for a special use permit under public law:

    • The special use application must be submitted in writing to the Building Administration Office of the City of Rosenheim at least 1 week prior to the start of the use. Please use the form provided for this purpose (see above). If required, a site plan and/or a more detailed description should be attached to the application.

    Application for a special use permit under civil law:

    • Special uses under civil law must always be assessed on a case-by-case basis due to their legal nature (=contract). Therefore, please contact us in advance informally in writing or by telephone.
    • An administrative fee is charged for the granting of permission by notice.
    • In the case of the handling of special uses on the occasion of construction sites, the settlement usually takes place after completion of the use. In order to avoid unnecessarily high fees, the organization and handling of construction sites should be carefully planned, especially in terms of space, and coordinated with the city. Particularly high fees are incurred when fee-paying public parking spaces are used.
    • The city area has been divided into three zones for the purpose of assessing the level of charges(zoning plan).