Twinning with Lazise

The twinning between the city of Rosenheim and the municipality of Lazise was established in 1979 with the aim of fostering and promoting friendly relations between the two cities and their citizens, and contributing to a better mutual understanding between the two countries. Lazise is located on the Veronese southeast shore of Lake Garda, which has sandy beaches, and is situated between the towns of Bardolino and Peschiera del Garda. The distance to the provincial capital Verona is about 23 kilometers. The town consists of three hamlets: Lazise, Colà di Lazise and Pacengo di Lazise. A hiking guide by the Sebastian-Finsterwalder-Gymnasium Rosenheim has been available since April 2019. As part of a project seminar, students designed a completely new long-distance hiking trail over eight years with a route of over 550 km and 35 daily stages, which leads from Rosenheim to Lazise. Not only the elaboration of the route was one of the tasks of the project, the students from four classes hiked the trail personally and reached the twin town Lazise on foot as a conclusion. Further information about the purchase of the hiking guide is available at the Sebastian-Finsterwalder-Gymnasium.

  • Der hervorragende Männerchor Costabella aus Rosenheims Partnerstadt Lazise war am Wochenende des 1. Advents wieder zu Besuch in Rosenheim.

    Aus langjähriger Tradition eröffnete der Chor Costabella aus der Partnerstadt den Rosenheimer Christkindlmarktes.

    Am Sonntag fand in der Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus der Pfarrgottesdienst mit der italienischen Gemeinde statt. Der Chor Costabella begleitete ihn mit einigen Liedern. Im Anschluss war die Bevölkerung herzlich zu einem A-cappella-Chorkonzert zum 1. Advent in der Stadtpfarrkirche eingeladen.