Press releases

First of five citizens' meetings

Rosenheim, how are you doing? This question will be addressed by Mayor Andreas März at the first of five citizens' meetings next Tuesday (26.09.2023).

In a direct exchange with the citizens, the question will be considered from two perspectives. On the one hand, from the perspective of the city administration with information on, among other things, the economic and financial status, the daycare situation, public transport and district-specific topics. On the other hand, citizens' applications and questions are answered.

The first of the citizens' meetings will be held in the eastern part of the city, in Kastenau, Kaltwies, Kaltmühl, Happing, Aisinger Landstrasse and Heilig Blut. As before Corona, the citizens' meetings will take place in pubs, in this case in Happinger Hof.

"I expect this format in a cozy atmosphere again a more direct, personal exchange with citizens. And we are paying much more attention to the concerns of the individual districts than we were able to do in the past two years in the KU'KO. Our citizens' meetings are a place of living direct democracy," says Mayor Andreas März.

The citizens' meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. The other dates are October 11, 2023 for the area center south-west in the inn Alt-Fürstätt, on October 17 for the center in the inn Zum Johann Auer, for the north on October 19 in the inn Höhensteiger and on October 24 for the southern area at the Kirchenwirt in Pang.

Citizens can inform already in the apron of the respective citizen meeting starting from 18:00 o'clock on display boards to urban district-referred topics. Expert staff from the respective departments will be on hand for consultation and discussion.Young people over the age of 14 also have the right to propose motions, speak and vote. Clubs, associations, etc. do not have this highly personal right.