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Insecure energy supply - what to do in case of blackout?

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection ( BMWK ) has declared the alert level of the emergency plan gas in Germany on 23.06.2022. Although the overall global impact of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine is difficult to assess, the risk of an energy shortage due to insufficient gas supplies is immanent. In the worst case, this could lead to a "blackout".

The city of Rosenheim has been dealing with the possibility of a so-called blackout since December 2018, with the involvement of its municipal utilities and the Rosenheim Police Inspectorate. To this end, working groups have been formed for various areas such as general security, electricity, water, gas and telecommunications supply, citizen communication and general supply of everyday goods.

To ensure that the citizens of Rosenheim can also take precautions in the event of a blackout, the city of Rosenheim has designed a handout with recommendations for action. Towards the end of the week (week 38), all Rosenheim households will find the flyer in their mailbox.

The guide is already available on the homepage of the city of Rosenheim at callably.