Press releases

Small pedestrian zone is paved

The construction work in the small pedestrian zone in Münchener Straße as well as in Kufsteiner Straße is proceeding according to plan. Now the laying of the paving stones in the small pedestrian zone has begun. Before that, the street lighting and the foundations for street furniture such as bicycle racks or wastebaskets were installed. In addition, the drainage channels to the gullies were paved. The total of 23 root chamber systems as well as the tree protection rings for the hornbeams have been installed and the pipes as well as the cables for the new Christmas lighting have also been laid. The new district heating pipeline of the Rosenheim municipal utility has already been completed and is already in operation in both Kufsteiner Straße and Münchener Straße. The pipeline construction for district cooling has also been completed. As soon as the laying work in the KU'KO underground car park is completed, it too can be put into operation. In order to start the paving work, a gravel base layer had to be applied to the drainage channels. The paving work should be completed by the end of October. This will give pedestrians more space in Münchener Straße again.