Projects and pedagogical focus

In daycare centers in the city of Rosenheim, the following projects and pedagogical focuses are offered, among others:


Language acquisition is the key to integration into social life and the foundation for later success in education and work. Studies have repeatedly shown in recent years that a lack of language skills in children can have a significant impact on their further educational path and thus on their later entry into working life.

The "Early Opportunities" initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth therefore starts in early childhood and is aimed at institutions that also care for children under the age of three.

The federal offensive provides ongoing support for daycare centers.

The Rosenheim Way

"What is good for the child is also good for society" - Cooperation between Rosenheim after-school care centers and elementary schools

The Rosenheim after-school care centers have drawn up a cooperation agreement together with the Rosenheim elementary schools. Supported by the Office for Children, Youth and Families of the City of Rosenheim and the State Education Authority, a basis for cooperation was created through binding standards. Agreed upon are, among other things, job shadowing, agreements on the completion of homework, joint conferences and further training. Caritas district manager Erwin Lehmann: "The education, care and upbringing of the children is the joint responsibility of parents, school and after-school care center."

For the providers of after-school care, agreeing on standards for after-school care and school is part of this educational partnership for the good of the child. "For me, this is another important building block of our educational region Rosenheim," emphasized city director Michael Keneder at the signing of the agreement. "The interface between after-school care and school is crucial and this agreement helps to reduce friction between after-school care and schools. For existing problems, all parties now have a binding guideline on how to deal with them together." In order to fill the agreement with life, there is a regular exchange between the management and those involved. There is an annual evaluation, which is jointly evaluated. The agreement can be viewed.