• Documents to be submitted to the registry office - especially certificates - must always be presented in the original.

    Foreign language documents are required in internationally issued form or as a national document with translation. Translations may only be carried out by translators who are publicly appointed and sworn in Germany.

    An overview of translators and interpreters can be found in the Interpreter and Translator Database of the State Justice Administration.

    For use in Germany, civil status documents from certain countries require over-certification (apostille/legalization) or corresponding verification. The registry office will provide the relevant information on request.

    Further information can be found on the homepage of the Federal Foreign Office.

  • Civil status documents are available from the Rosenheim registry office for civil status cases that occurred in the city of Rosenheim or in the former communities of Aising, Happing, Pang and Westerndorf St. Peter. Essentially these are

    Eligibility to apply:

    Generally, the issuance of civil status certificates can only be applied for by persons to whom the respective entry in the book/register refers. In addition, their spouses, ancestors as well as children and descendants in a straight line.

    Other persons (including siblings, uncles, aunts, etc.) are entitled to a certificate of civil status only if they can demonstrate a legal interest or present a written power of attorney from an authorized person. A legal interest presupposes that a right already exists for the applicant, which would be endangered without the corresponding document. A legal interest does not exist, among other things, if documents are needed for professional or private research purposes.


    Civil status documents can be obtained via

    • the citizen service portal of the city of Rosenheim,
    • in the course of a personal visit or
    • in writing (corresponding application form)

    can be requested. Requests for documents by telephone, fax or e-mail are not possible.

    In view of this, we expressly warn against private providers on the Internet who offer their services for obtaining documents. In these cases, the private provider merely forwards the document request to the registry office and usually charges excessive fees for this, which would not be incurred if the request were made directly to the registry office. Often such requests contain formal errors, which lead to the fact that the appropriate document cannot be issued at all.

    A German registry office, on the other hand, will only charge the fee for a civil status certificate set in the respective federal state (Bavaria € 12.00) as well as expenses that can be proven in the individual case.