Mobile stopping restrictions

Permission to set up mobile no-stopping signs

In the case of private removals or for construction sites and heavy transports, mobile stopping bans can be applied for.

Important notes on placement:

  • The mobile stopping bans must be set up in good time, i.e. 72 hours (three days) in advance, with the addition of the day and time on which the stopping ban is to apply. The day of installation must not be included in the calculation of the 72-hour period (the period begins at 00:00 on the following day).
  • If the installation of the absolute no-stopping signs cannot be carried out in time (72 hours in advance), the applicant must bear the entire costs (fee and expenses) for possible towing as well as the user fees for the custody of secured motor vehicles.
  • Permission to set up must be applied for at least seven working days before use.