Explosives law


The permit according to § 27 SprengG is issued by the authority responsible for your main place of residence if the requirements (see above) are met. In principle, it entitles you to acquire and transport within the Federal Republic of Germany, to store, use and destroy the explosive substances registered in the permit.

As a rule, these are:

  • Black powder for muzzle-loading shooting,
  • firecracker powder for firecracker shooting and/or
  • Nitrocellulose powder for loading and reloading cartridge cases.

The permit is for a maximum of five years and is issued for a specific maximum quantity of explosive materials. If you already have a permit, you must submit the application for renewal in good time before the expiry of the time limit.

    • Reliability and personal suitability
    • Expertise
    • need
    • suitable storage facility

    The reliability and personal suitability under explosives law is checked by the department before the permit is issued.

    The expertise for handling black powder, firecracker powder or nitrocellulose powder can be acquired in courses. A clearance certificate must be presented at the start of the course. The application for the clearance certificate must be submitted in good time before the start of the course (approx. 4 weeks).

    Please bring with you:

    • Identity card / passport,
    • course certificate,
    • Certificate ofneed (for muzzleloader or reloader),
    • Membership certificate (firecracker shooters)
  • First issue 140,00€
    Extension 170,00€
    Clearance certificate 70,00€
  • with regard to explosives


The city of Rosenheim points out that the burning of pyrotechnic objects (e.g. fireworks) is generally only permitted in the period from 31.12. to 01.01. of the following year. The prerequisite for this is basically the completion of the 18th year of age and the proper handling. Violation of these regulations constitutes a breach of order and can be punished with a fine.

Fireworks on the occasion of a birthday, wedding or similar and the so-called "wedding shooting" during the year are generally not permitted.