Fire chief

Training information

We will inform you here as soon as we offer training positions as fire chief again.

As a fire chief, you represent the tactical and technical basis of the fire department. You carry out operations and rescue measures directly in hazardous areas and must keep a cool head in life-threatening situations.

The training lasts about 12 months and includes three modules:

  • the basic module,
  • the paramedic module and
  • a site-specific training,

which will prepare and train you optimally for the many different missions and situations. The basic module covers many important skills that enable you to recognize and assess the dangers that arise in firefighting service. In addition, the focus is on the correct execution of the activities involved under operational conditions. The paramedic module includes training to become a paramedic and is supported by a hospital internship and a paramedic internship. The site-specific training depends on your previous knowledge and the needs of the main fire station. During non-operational times, devices, equipment and emergency vehicles must be maintained and serviced so that they are available again for the next operations. According to the motto: - rescue - recover - extinguish - protect - as a fire chief you are in the middle of the action. The motto describes the complete field of activity of a fire officer. The oldest task of the fire department is to extinguish fires. It also involves averting life-threatening situations and rescuing people from predicaments. In addition, the fire department is used to take preventive measures to prevent hazards.

  • Please apply online via our application portal. Here you can upload the letter of application as well as meaningful documents, in particular curriculum vitae, copies of the last two school reports and, if applicable, training certificate or internship references.

  • Selection procedure

    Suitable applicants will receive an invitation to the recruitment tests approximately 2 weeks after the closing date for applications. These include a sports test (including ladder climbing) as well as a practical and a written test. Information on the sports test The sports test consists of several exercises:

    • Box boomerang test
    • 1,000 meter run
    • 50 meter swim
    • distance diving
    • Alternating jumps
    • Pull-ups
    • Turntable ladder climb

    Box boomerang test

    Round 1:

    • Start at exercise 1 with a forward roll
    • go directly to exercise 2: balance over the long bench - on the way out, one foot must touch down on the small box
    • around the cone to exercise 3: jump over the box - crawl back through the box
    • around the cone for exercise 4: pick up a 30 kg punching bag - carry it over the box stairs (the weight must not touch the floor) - put down the weight
    • around the traffic cone to exercise 5: jump over a 135 centimeter high trestle - around the traffic cone back to the mat
    • round 2 and 3 as round 1
    • at the end of the third round run over the mat - end.

    Minimum time: 1:45 minutes

    Preparation: jump training, sprint training, climbing stairs with weight, balance exercises

    1,000 meter run Candidates must run a distance of 1,000 meters.

    Minimum requirement: 4:10 minutes

    Swim - 50 meters

    The 50 meters will begin with either a jump from the starting block or start from the pool. Then two lanes of 25 meters each are swum in freestyle. Technical aids such as swimming goggles or fins are not allowed.

    Minimum time: 46 seconds

    Preparation: practice start jump and turn, regular swim training

    Distance diving

    Start in the water. The body must be completely under water during the dive. Technical aids like swimming goggles are not allowed.

    Minimum requirement: 14 meters

    Preparation: breathing exercises, diving exercises (under supervision), improvement of the arm pull

    Alternating jumps

    Alternating jumps are jumping over a long bench with both legs. There and back count as two alternating jumps. The time is 30 seconds.

    Minimum requirement: 42 alternating jumps in the 30 seconds.

    Preparation: Jump training, rope skipping, alternating jumps


    Everyone knows chin-ups. You hang on a bar and pull yourself up. The chin should be above bar height at the end - only then does the pull-up count. The type of grip on the bar is not relevant.

    Minimum requirement: 3 pull-ups

    Preparation: Dumbbell training, incline pull-ups, chin-ups

    Rotating ladder climb

    In connection with the sports test, the rotating ladder climb is also performed for time.

    The participants have to climb a 30 meter high turntable ladder. In doing so, they must stay under 70 seconds in order to achieve at least a grade of 5.

    Information on the written examination The written examination takes the form of a test in which basic German, logic, questions on general education, mathematics and physics are asked. Aids are not permitted (e.g. calculator, formulary). In the practical part of the examination, craft and technical understanding is tested.