In procedure

An overview of the development plans currently in the process without current public participation:

  • The aim of the planning is to secure the urban development order in the surroundings of the listed former officers' casino and to designate areas for public use.

  • The development plan is at the preliminary draft stage. Further consideration by the City Council will only take place after all relevant issues have been reviewed.

  • Planning objective: Securing the traffic function in the form of a community connection road between Happing and the settlement areas Kaltmühl and Kaltwies, respectively, as well as a road expansion in line with demand.

  • Planning objective: Securing the traffic areas in their function as a significant route connection between Happing and Kastenau and to the sports and recreational facilities in the area of the Happinger Lakes, as well as securing the area for a reorganization of the road in line with requirements, and securing the dam cycle path.

  • Planning objective: Creation of legal planning conditions for a regulated and purposeful urban development. The historically grown village structure of the district, which is also characterized by the farms and the natural location, is to be preserved.